Thursday, January 12, 2012

Why I am NOT a Millionaire
By David "Avocado" Wolfe

Many people think I am a millionaire.  I have certainly been responsible for millions of dollars in book sales (hundreds of thousands of copies of my books have been sold in the past 12 years).  I've also put my name on products that have sold in the countless millions as well (over $30 million from one of my former companies alone). And I've helped support many independent businesses that have gone on to become multimillion dollar ventures too… but I, David “Avocado” Wolfe, am not a millionaire.

You are probably wondering how this could have happened.  Am I a fool? Have I allowed unscrupulous people to take advantage of me?

First off, I need to clear the air: not only am I not a millionaire now, I was never a millionaire in the past, and I certainly don't want to be a millionaire anytime in the future.

Many people believe I own I don't. I was offered a large percentage of the company last year and I refused. Many people believe I own, The Longevity Now® Conference… and I don’t.

I love these businesses and I support their success and they support mine, but I don't have any ownership in any of them at all. I also don't own any stock in any companies… nor do I own any companies that own companies.

Many people think I own lots of property too. I don't. I operate two organic farms that are mostly owned by banks and if I ever end up owning any equity in these properties at all, I will immediately donate them to charity.

Less Is More

Let me be clear: I own very little. I have an 11 year-old Jeep, one computer, a stereo that I have had since 1986, a drum set I bought in 2000, my books, my plants, enough clothes to fill a suitcase, and a few necessities (blender, grounded flip flops, toothbrush, etc.). As you can see, I don't own much at all. Why…?

The ancient Taoist Immortals embraced the philosophy of renunciation, living with the Earth, discipline, as well as abandoning attachment to worldly pleasures, wealth, and reputation as a path to longevity and health.

Throughout my whole life, ever since I first saw David Carradine as Kwai Chang Caine in the television program Kung Fu, I have become more and more enamored with the ascetic life of a Taoist Immortal.

In addition, I believe having nothing gives you the ultimate freedom of having nothing to lose. Because when you have a lot, you have a lot to lose. 

One of the owners of Sunfood Nutrition, Robert Deupree, is worth an estimated $50 million. Do you really think if Mr. 
Deupree has to make a choice between doing the right thing and doing anything that will put his many millions in jeopardy, he will take the higher path? 

His partner in Sunfood Nutrition, E. Douglas Harbison is the 
son of billionaire Earle Harbison who ran Monsanto for 10 years. Do you really think Mr. Harbison has any interest in selling the best superfoods on the planet if it risks putting his father's legacy in jeopardy?  

I don't have answers to the questions above. I only offer them as something to consider:

The more things one owns, the more one has a vested interest in protecting those things s/he has acquired.

I also believe that the higher one climbs on the tree of life, the thinner the branches; it's better to be somewhere towards the middle where the branches are strong and where the people who make up our world actually live.

If you know me then you know that I never speak negatively about people or their companies, however I feel the time has come to protect the natural food industry with some much needed clarification. As one of the pioneers of this industry I feel this is my responsibility.

My Favorite Place in the World…

One of my favorite places in the whole world is Costa Rica. Costa Rica has no military, guns, tanks, or soldiers, at all.  Do you know why? Because they don’t have any natural resources, such as gold, oil, or precious minerals that other countries value. When you have nothing others value, you have nothing to lose.

And yet because I value Costa Rica’s natural attributes, with it’s deeply healing volcanic hot springs, intricate rainforest ecosystems, beautiful mountains and beaches, and fertile farmland… Costa Rica, for me, is one of the wealthiest countries on the planet.

New Ideas About Wealth

This brings me to my next question: What constitutes real wealth, anyway?

There are many multimillionaires suffering in hospital beds,
eating hybridized, genetically modified processed foods, who are spiritually, emotionally, and mentally confused. There are many billionaires even, suffering from poor health and unable to experience the vast number of enjoyments they have spent their life acquiring.

I have few assets, and yet I’ve never lacked for anything.  I’ve never eaten anything but the best food ever… slept in the best (grounded) beds ever… traveled to the most exotic lands ever… experienced the most extraordinary health ever, shared the company of the most beautiful friends and family, and most of all, met 100,000's of fantastic, wonderful people like you who are hungry for the knowledge I share.

I am, in my estimation, incredibly rich — perhaps the wealthiest person in the world.

Only my wealth isn’t “mine”, it’s available to anyone who chooses to reconsider where true wealth and freedom is found.

And where is true wealth found? Consider the following:

  • True wealth is a peaceful state of mind.
  • True wealth is abundant physical health.
  • True wealth is spiritual connection to source energy.
  • True wealth is emotional wellness.
  • True wealth is found in serving others.
  • True wealth is knowledge of oneself, knowledge of one’s environment… and finding and following your mission in life.
In addition:

  • True wealth cannot be hoarded, only shared.
  • True wealth is not created by what one has acquired, but by what one gives away.
  • And true wealth (or happiness in oneself) is directly proportional to the happiness one brings to others.

So let’s consider that our previous notions of “wealth” and “resources” are possibly outdated and irrelevant.

Let’s also consider that making money for its own sake is a meaningless and never-ending, never-fulfilling endeavor.


The last time I owned a company was in 2009 when I was the CEO (and 50% owner) of Sunfood Nutrition. When I was an 
“owner” of the company, I not only found myself surrounded by greedy sharks looking to use my name to sell more stuff to more people (and not caring about the quality or source of the products)… but I also found myself working harder and harder for less and less.  

In fact, Sunfood Nutrition is a good, but tragic, example of what happens when the power of greed and control overtakes the power of doing some good in the world (I will share my 
epic battle - in exquisite detail - against the crooks at Sunfood in the future, and it is quite a story). 

Since July 2009 (when I was defrauded out of the company assets) I have had nothing to do with that company and I am continuously shocked at the criminality and unconscious behavior displayed by the people who run it.

A Mission-Driven Life

So you might be wondering why I continually recommend the products I love without getting rich in the process? 

Because it’s my mission in this life to search for the most time-tested, scientifically-researched, healthiest, most valuable (even magical) raw foods, superfoods, superherbs, and longevity technologies and share my discoveries with as many people as possible. All the money that I could have put in my pocket has been consistently reinvested back into expanding our choices and broadening all of our horizons.

It is my mission to give a voice to the healthiest choices ever — especially those that have yet to see their day in the Sun.

It’s not about making tons of money. It never has been. It is about the mission and the message. I have found this to be true of nearly every great achiever I have ever met — their mission and message in life comes first.

And the one thing I really want is a planet that is filled with: the best foods, the best herbs, the most extraordinary organic farms, massive wild tracts of land, and the healthiest humans possible.

  • A planet where we are all supported in implementing the best solutions ever to overcome our health challenges.
  • A planet that works for 100% of humanity and supports the spiritual health of all living things.
  • A planet that has put the LOVE back into every project and endeavor.

    The more I share the knowledge I have been gifted… the closer, I believe, this dream to be. There have been BIG changes for the better in the global health scene and in our world in general over the last 20 years. We are making progress.

    The Proper Role of Money

    So where does the role of money fit into all of this?

    We must appreciate the power of money and understand its important role in making things happen in the world.

    Money is not the root of evil; it is a very powerful—but also limited—force. 

    Without money, there is no way we can ship thousands of kilos of organic, non-GMO, non-CCN-51 hybrid cacao from the jungles of Ecuador to a store shelf in the United States. We cannot package and distribute cacao just because we want to, we require money to make that happen. At the same time, I cannot use money to improve my spiritual practice or to achieve a peaceful heart; to do that I require discipline, hard work, and concentration.

    Again, money is not the root of evil… but it’s not the root of everlasting happiness either. We need a balanced approach in our understanding of what money can and cannot do for us.

    Which brings me to my last point:

    If I don’t want to own anything, why don’t I do everything for free?

    My answers are simple: I have put out hundreds of
    high-quality education videos out on the Internet for free—more, I believe, than any other health activist in the world. I have also spoken at countless events for free in my career, but have I found that whenever I give too much away for free—it is less valued, easily discarded, or not appreciated. Too many free events attract takers and drainers (or “drainbows”) and those who feel entitled.

    In addition, I believe in a fair energy-exchange.  The information I produce and products I recommend create jobs and income for thousands of hard-working people. I have always felt the obligation to support my contractors, suppliers, and farmers, even at great personal sacrifice to myself.

    The products I create and distribute are good for the majority of people in every area: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual and are based on my 20+ years of research.

    Not everything is for everybody, but by working with probabilities, I know most people will discover something unique and special in what I have to offer. And in quality the stuff I bring to the market is unsurpassed in the health food and natural products industry because my field experience has given me the connections no one else has.

    Ignoring the "Whiners"

    My experience has been that the people who whine and complain about money (or anything for that matter), are the
    people who daily do what they hate and who are the most disconnected from their mission. These types of people often fall into the “drainbow” category — they take or attack but rarely give or appreciate. As a consequence, these types of people don’t want to do too much, but they expect a lot in return. They often believe that anyone who makes it in the world did so through fraud and deceit, instead of through hard work and integrity.

    I work very hard, seventeen, eighteen hours most days. I am a firm believer that hard work combined with solid motivation (wanting little for oneself) and integrity along with a powerful life-mission (wanting a lot for others) creates an effortless, almost imperative desire to continually do the right thing.

    I am not saying I have always done the right thing. Mistakes happen and are part of life. Nor am I doing the only right thing; I am doing what I perceive is right for me. What is right for you?  I don’t know. That is for you to consider.

    My hope is that we can work together to spiritually put money in its correct and appropriate role until such time as humanity has moved past the need for money. The true wealth of friendships, deeper connections to source energy, spiritual peace, health, and tranquility of mind will be our reward. 

    Written by:
    David “Avocado” Wolfe, January 2012

    Founder of the non-profit Fruit Tree Planting Foundation (

    Author of:
    The Sunfood Diet Success System

    Eating For Beauty

    Naked Chocolate

    Amazing Grace

    Superfoods: The Food and Medicine of the Future
    Chaga: King of the Medicinal Mushrooms

    The LongevityNOW Program

    Host of over 2500 health events worldwide


    1. Thank you David, that is beautifully shared - I love you & send you blessings from my heart.

    2. Thank you, David, for your sincerity and example. I have quoted you often, but secretly have wondered how you have dealt with your place of high esteem (I am ashamed to admit this has been most true when I disagreed with you on some minor point). God bless you.

      1. What a wonderful and inspiring statement of your position, David. Who'd have known this was a case of Right Livelihood instead of millionaire-itus. There are indeed others, particularly from the Raw Food industry, who proudly proclaim that they ARE millionaires. These are the merchant middlemen who have gained their supposed wealth without creating added value as David has. But I digress! It does my heart good to know the inside story of "The Avocado's" Life Mission and philosophy. Would that more in the field of health, nutrition and the longevity technologies devote their energies and their lives to TEACHING that Health is Wealth instead of merely peddling products. Well said, my man, well said.

      2. What an awesome letter, thanks David.

        I am working (in my free time) to educate people about preventing cancer
        I do hope more people start to listen


    3. Kudos to you, David. Truth always sets us free although often it's hard being the messenger... I hope you are well

    4. Icould not have said it any better. Well said and well written.

      Raymond Day
      Cyberphonic Marketing Inc.

    5. Very well written! Great points.. All the best David! Thanks a lot

    6. Thanx David, I appreciate EVERYTHING!!! that you have just shared. I met you about ten years ago when WE, Body Ecology & the Honey Bee healthfood stored hosted you and have been following your work ever since. We share the same EXACT philosophy on life, health and happiness. Keep doing your thing. We at Body Ecology are working on building a sustainable community in VA and would love to have you come share your beautiful energy with us again. Best of Health, Happiness and Prosperity to you. My name is Soul. Keep up the good works and lets stay in touch.


    7. I really enjoyed reading this, David! It echo's many of my experiences in life and business but more eloquently written. Much love and continued success to you!

    8. Thank you David for a great reminder in the truth, the real meaning of wealth. I appreciate everything you've done for the natural health and raw food movement. You are very inspirational.

    9. very well written! I love and appreciate you for this simple act. You are a great being who is wealthy beyond measure in so many real ways.

    10. Happy New Year David Wolfe! What a timely manifesto for all of us living on this precious planet in these pivotal times...thank you thank you thank you.

    11. Thank you David. May I add that I was not one that thought of you as money hungry and just in it for financial gain. But, your letter has given me thought for contemplation in a time when my family is going through a huge transition. We are learning to UNGRIP! I work at my local health food store and we are one of the sponsors for your event in February. Thank you for what you do and I hope to see you then.

    12. Thank you for expressing the truth and harmony of your heart with us all! Many, Many Blessing to you for the continual gifts you share.

    13. I can relate. All I ever really wanted was a nice comfortable home - not a mansion, a reliable comfortable car, not a Mercedes or a Lambo, and enough money to have the bill paid with enough time and money left over to enjoy life, family, friends, gardening, etc. I'd like to be able to help more kids and dogs. I'm not nearly as noble as you - but I do find more riches in a simpler life.

    14. OK. I was planning to leave you my 5 million estate, since I do not have any heir. I will give it to PETA instead.

      1. Cocoa, I love it! As I'm reading these replies, I'm feeling overwhelmed by the inherent goodness in most of us who either are - or want to - live the dream of TRUE life! My thoughts (as I keep reading "very well written") is "very well lived". David indeed illicits good, noble and higher thoughts in all of us ... And then, your humor!!! I love it - beautiful and priceless, itself!

      2. David, thank you so much for this beautifully written letter. It really puts things into perspective...something we need more often. This is something I plan to share with all who are willing to listen!

    15. Bless you David for your wonderful work and effort to help so many!

    16. Dear David,
      thank you very much for this very important message.
      You touched one of the most difficult themes for humanity,
      especially for us involved in the natural health movement.
      I work as a naturopathic medical doctor in Europe and I don´t
      know how many times patients and I talk about money. We talk about
      how expensive organic food or good supplements are. I work with the best bioresonace system on the market which costs more then $20.000. So, you see, everything is about money. I have a family too and they need money too. Everyone needs money and for living good in our times you need a lot of money. Raw food here in Europe is the most expensive of all kinds of food ! Only few people can afford to eat raw food, not to mention going into a raw food restaurant ! For that reason I am now associating with Kevin Trudeau. For sure you know him in the US, but here in Europe it is something really new. He is someone who combines wealthy living with natural cures and a wellbeing lifestyle. We don´t have such thing in Europe. Here you are a health practitioner like me or you are a business man in suite and tie - but not both combined. But in my opinion it is a great combination, because the people who want to live a healthy life they need to have a lot of money ! And what could be better spreading the word for a healthy lifestyle without drugs and surgery ??? For who don´t knows Kevin Trudeau and his mission, please have a look at , you can use my free code DocTino to login. It is about making money and a healthy lifestyle with natural cures.
      Thank you very much,
      Tino Oliver Orlando, NMD
      London, UK

      1. David your mission in life is honorable .I give thanks to you !! I pray we all as a people, town,state,nation,country,planet for all humanity wake up that creation has given all the natural healthy world and food we need...that THERE IS plenty to go around .. no one in the world should be starving ,no one in the world should be suffering .

        That we should be governing ourselves as a whole and not as we are rich or poor , but that we are all equal ..

        Mr. Orlando .. please research more as a doctor and know that teaching people how to grow their own food is free.. their are people in Alaska that grow natural organic food inside yr around .. anyone can grow food , In live in an apt and grow alot of my food... so expense is no excuse .. and don't follow misguided people like Kevin Trudeau , I've read his book .... we will just have to disagree on that man ....

        As David points out its not about the money ... so Sir if you are in the healing business to make money .. how true is your heart in serving people ??

      2. The rare individual who unselfishly tries to serve others has an enormous advantage -- he has little competition. - Andrew Carnegie - (Really a great a message. Thank you and in perfect time.)

    17. That prompted a 'wow' from me David! I am a great admirer of yours and cannot wait to meet you, as I feel I am destined to do. Gill. UK.

    18. Right on David! The desire to sell more & more stuff distorts our view of others and we become, ever so subtly, manipulators. Vegan living is radical compassion for all - including other humans - and giving rather than taking. Thanks for speaking truth!

    19. This is true. You can't take it when you go. Thanks for giving/reminding us of the right perspective of money.

    20. This is awesome! WOW I love it speeking straight from the heart total freedom. I absolutely loved the talk you gave at IIN and have since. Thank you for always inspiring me!!!


    21. That was beautiful! I am a student of yours- certified in Raw Food Nutrition by the BodyMind Institute :) Thank you for giving us a window into your soul. What a powerful life!


    22. I feel like I've finally met the Wolfe. My previous reservations have been dissolved. Thank you for this post!!

    23. Much metta David!
      You are much more than just a great speaker, sharer of knowledge or RAW food pioneer. You are a supreme light in the many times dark moments of so many people. What you share is as you said filled with so much positive enchanting and encouraging life force. You are a true channel of the divine source. Much metta!

    24. Wow! Pretty powerful, David. One minor thing that is often misquoted: "Money is the root of all evil." It is actually "The LOVE of money is the root of all evil" - which I believe gets even closer to your message;

      1 Tim 6:10 10 For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs. (NIV)

      Thanks for being a crusader!I hope to meet you in person some day.

      1. Great point, Celeste! From what David wrote above, I believe he wholeheartedly agrees with this truth that the apostle Paul relayed to his fellow laborer, Timothy. Money, itself, is not evil - it is simply a neutral medium of exchange or trade. It's the manner in which our energies (I.e., labor) can be converted into a "worthy cause", enabling good to increase in a proportionate manner. We can either labor with our hands and/or minds to directly help achieve a greater cause ... or we can use other talents to help achieve the same cause ... through the neutral medium of exchange called money. How we choose to use the money reflects our values. With every single dollar we spend, we are exchanging our labor (converting our labor into) good ... or evil. May we always choose good. God bless us all ...

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    26. Wow I never knew. My ignorance. My perception has changed. Thank you for sharing your virtues.

      Be well
      Philip M

    27. Beautiful words from a beautiful soul. I never knew of your hardships with unconscious corporations, but after having interviewed you on one of my teleseminars, I am a believer in health, raw food, grounding and other ways to keep ourselves balanced and healthy. You have been a great teacher for me and countless others. Thank you David. You're a good man. :)

    28. May God keep blessing you in your journey of true health. Thank you for saving countless of life that you may not be aware of. I do always have a deep respect for your noble goals and ideas.Keep fighting the good fight. As always wishing you the very best in life. Thank you. :-)

    29. Hats off to you, David, I support and admire you and your philosophy 100%. Thank you so much for all you give and for posting this wonderful and uplifting message!
      My best to you always,
      Michele Andree Lemieux

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    31. Weird and Wonderful: that is why I like you.

      (The original definition of weird is controlling destiny, or a person's destiny, or fate. Those who directed their own path through life [or the path of others] were labeled weird. It also means supernatural and uncanny.)

      Thank you for being David Avocado Wolfe.

    32. The amount of time and energy you put into helping other people is secind to none. You are "The Best Person Ever" in my book. Cool guy and you changed my life in 2007.. Thanks again

    33. You are amazing David. You continue to inspire me.

    34. Hi David Love the Energy you bring to us. I assumed you get quality compensation for quality work, good plan always. As someone who plants food for butterflies as part of my work I wonder where this Sunfood " Crooks " is coming from. My concern is that even though they sell fantastic products are they degraded by the energy of the folks selling them? For me your post doesn't give enough quality data or information to be useful. Reading between the lines has not been accurate enough for me. From one happy Grasshopper to another^^^

    35. thank you, david, i so much needed this statement of yours right now at my present moment

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    37. legend! all the best to you my friend!

    38. Well said. Having known you for over 16 years now, you've been an inspiration and my personal guiding light for a long time. I'm extremely blessed to know you. My sincere thanks!

    39. I've been witness to your work for nearly 10 years have always been such an inspiration and have opened my eyes to so much during this time...I am forever grateful for all you have brought to this world. Thank you for continuing to stand in truth and integrity. :)~Kaia~

    40. David, Your words are a great reminder of what is truly important & really resonates. It's like I just hit "refresh" on David Wolfe. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

    41. I know exactly how you feel,Blessings Brother, Ahoo.
      I feel you and send you Reiki light and love.
      call me, 203-570-0223 kambiz

    42. Your words are appreciated. I'm touched to see the beautiful being you are. I admire your courage and strength and LOVE....and it humbles me to take a deeper look at my life. Thank you friend.

    43. Insight from a Beautiful Mind.

    44. I don't read many emails, especially long ones, but I read this one and savored every word. You are truly my hero and I love you. Thank you for what you are doing for others and for the world. I only wish there were more David "Avacado" Wolfe's in the world. You are a great sage and a Master of Life!

    45. David, first let me tell you that you introduced me to raw chocolate on 2003 (when I was single), then I left it and last year took the superfood path again (now married and with a two year old kid), it's been pleasent and hard at the same time, because we must admit most of Longevity Warehouse superfoods are expensive, as so as Donna Gates' and Medicinal Mushrooms.
      I live in Mexico, where salaries are way below american ones and many times I have to choose between a bag or raw maca or a medicine for my kid, a bag or raw cacao or his diapers and I am not even mention the medicinal mushrooms that cost the same as two months baby food and diapers supplies for my baby.
      So why I approved all you just wrote, money its an issue, even for get the superfoods and superherbs one need. Sometimes when I see what Truth Calkins puts in a elixir I found out that only the wealthy ones can afford that. Just my two cents.

    46. Well said, keep on living a life well lived :) You are a great example to others in so many, many areas!

    47. Wow, David...I appreciate this statement. It really helps put things in perspective for me and resonates with my values as well. Thank you for what you do...and just remember...take good care of yourself, and keep it simple. Peace out.

    48. Very powerful. You are the closest of anyone i know that is very near in unlocking the mystery of life. 2012 will be majical.

    49. Thank you David. You truly are a man of Destiny, loved by men and women alike. This post of yours, moved me to tears. Thank you, thank you. thank you!

    50. I feel like this may have been inspired by my vídeos of late perhaps an attack on me... I think ur ideas are noble- its one thing to live unattached to money when u have plenty to eat, gas money, traveling money and the comforts of a home, bed,porch, couch and the love of family members - and another thing to live in this world at poverty level and triumph over the challenges of remaining in a positive frame of mind- ive been living roughly on 500 dollars a month for the better part of 5 years- i dont have the extra gas money to visit my son for a year now and the most exótic place i travel is the third eye- not to discount that- i am not whining merely sharing- Its been a difficult road if u listen more deeply -i dont judge u for being successful- remember there is always something deeper that we fail to understand when or if we dont speak to that person directly- Im in support of u- remember to work to achieve humility with the wealth of grace that has been gifted to u- i didnt really explain myself exactly how i needed to fully in my vídeos as Im living in a serious state of nervous exhaustion- still will be reposting part 2 today- hope youll continue watching- listen and hear without judgement- with love- blueberry.

    51. Wow...I've always had great respect for you and the work that you have contributed to the field of health, but I am even more inspired by your continued selfless giving to the world, as well as your integrity that you display. Thank you for being such an inspiration to me and helping me follow my dream. ~Julie~

    52. Thank you David.. your words touched me so deeply. In my mind I have "the lack of money" like the most improtant thing to overcome. It is not true. It is the attitude the origin of all problems or succeeds.
      I am from Colombia. I hope you visit our country anytime.

    53. Beautiful and very inspiring! from another who's life was changed long ago by watching David Carradine ;)

    54. David, I have followed you for years and was scheduled to be at one of your "FREE" lectures in Denton TX a number of years ago that had a timing issue and I missed you. Perhaps someday! Anyway, I LOVE YOU and now I understand why. I must admit I also had mixed signals about the business side and it didn't make sense. I loved your products and you but was repelled and finally ordered a product from sunfood recently after a couple of years but decided that would be my last order. It just didn't ...?.. I even had thoughts about product quality and lost trust... again, now I understand.

      Sharing your heart cleared those things up. Thank you...I can restore spiritual connection in confidence and just know, you have one more along side you in this wonderful journey of learning to be good stewards of this planet and the relationships we have to one another and creation. and are sites to be developed along with over 4000 more with the same general theme of bringing life and life more abundantly through "freedom of choice" rather than mandated or dictated welfare because the state knows best..Thank you for creating a path of responsible leadership others can see and follow. Your LIGHT SHINES BRIGHTLY... MAY IT FLAME EVEN GREATER AND BRIGHTER and may all BE LIVING OR FIND THEIR PASSION... WE NEED each other! All of creation groans and travails for us. All plants, creatures big and small and our brother and sister.... BEST- PEGGY PLOSS

    55. Wow, this is wonderful David! It's good to hear your perspective and know more about the path that you are on. It gives me a sense of connection with you and your work and gives us all further commitment and inspiration to do what we came here to do. I commend you for your vision and compassion.
      PS...Since you are being so transparent, I've always wondered what the deal is with your middle name. Is it your given name or a chosen name, and what is the significance? Inquiring minds want to know. :D

    56. David, You have saved the lives of many, many sentient beings by just being YOU. The world is forever grateful. May you be blessed with a long and healthy life. Namaste :)

    57. Dear David,
      Dealing with "the public" can be devastating as it flies in the face of the preciousness potential we feel exists for each individual. I appreciate your narrative and process. As a Quaker I also found myself loving Costa Rica because of the country's letting go of the military and replacing it with education. Of course everything is not perfect in that paradise either and I've had my own epiphanies. Whenever I take on a partner I alsways have to struggle with how their methods impact my mission. Thank you for your excellent work and leading the way for so many of us.

    58. David LOVE! I am so captured by your words and service. I love you so much! I think of you often and remember what you say about the principles and apply them daily in my life. I loved reading this and you answered many questions I often thought. I agree with everything you said here. I am not rich financially, but rich in so many other ways. My heart/spirit is comforted just knowing you and sharing this amazing journey in the HOLY FLOW! So much Love and Blessings to you. Huge HuGS!! ;) Anne

    59. I had golden tears by reading this honest share.... I empathize with the way you live, and give me the strenth of fully keep on following the bliss of my passion and mission. Thank you for so much inspiration and for so much I learn from you so I can inspire others, thanks you for being so authentic and being so active and close in your sharings so I fully can be the source of exploration with all this amaizing gifts from mother earth. I m very lucky to be in this path...
      what amaizing time we live!!!
      .. Love you ..


    60. Excellent manifesto David. It has been, and will continue to be, a pleasure attending your conferences, hearing you speak, and getting all of the great energy at your events. My opinion of you has just skyrocketed (it was very high before). Must agree with some of the others in saying that Love of Money is one root of evil. Love of Power is a different root of evil, which is why Monsanto, and others, want to control the food supply.

      Have you looked at magnetic technologies? At last Longevity Now conference, it was a real pleasure to listen to Kevin Trudeau speak! Very eye popping. Can't wait for this next one in May!

      The only thing we need to Love is ourselves. After that the universe will take care of us!

    61. I have been following you for years sooooooo
      You needn't have said all this as it is obvious in everything you do and say/who you are is a light to all who are willing to listen/see.... keep on keeping on...... GOD speed to you David I send love and good vibrations ...which I got fro m you in the first place (kidding even I know you get what you get from the source : ).....LOL Full circle.....

    62. I hoped that the monetary system would end in the 1960s and "the love of money is the root of all evil" as the dominant societal control would be ancient history by now! We're the last planet to use it, apparently. It's slow going but on-going; and this is such a welcome and luminous message, David, thank you. When I was young, my Father and I walked past a very high heap of manure in the corner of a farmer's field and my Father said: "It's like money, it's of no value unless it's spread around!" He's always lived by those generous words, too. With Dawn Light Blessings xx

    63. Thanks for this David. You are a fine example and role model.

      We met when you gave a talk in Adelaide a couple of years ago (and wowed us all) - then we drummed together at a chocolate party the night after. I pinned an 'award' to your shirt that said:
      "Thank You for Making a Difference" (and you certainly do) and sent you a photo of us - you took the time to respond to me. Sweet.

      How wonderful it must be to have such a positive effect on so many people, as you do. I think that the world is a better place because of you David - my wish for you is that all of your dreams come true.

      I have a wish - I hope that your message goes further and wider - the developing countries need help from all of us.

      with love
      Michelle in Adelaide, Australia

    64. Thank you for this powerful message. You're speaking from my heart.
      Blissful greetings from Spain.

    65. THIS is my most favorite posting from YOU David...thank you!!!

    66. Thank you, David. You enrich all of us by your existence on this planet.

    67. and LOVE and LIGHT back to you :)

    68. You are very rich in knowledge and wisdom, and you make us rich by sharing all of it with us. Thank you David for your kindness and sincerity. I do know wealthy people that use their funds for good, usage is the difference, not all wealthy are greedy and self consumed. The Bible also refers to what you speak of:
      Matthew 6:19-21
      19 “Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moths and vermin destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. 20 But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moths and vermin do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal. 21 For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

    69. oh, this is why I just loooove the wolfe!

    70. David, I'm one of those fellows who guessed that you were a deca-millionaire and was happy for your success. Now, having read your blog post, I'm *even happier* for your success -- because you have your physical health, a heart full of love, and a mission that makes a positive difference in the world!

      I'm so grateful for you and the work you do. One day, perhaps I can tell you in person how something you did and said renewed my hope and helped put my life back on track. I'm wishing you continued prosperity and joy!

      ~ Dane

    71. I am deeply moved and inspired by your thoughtful and thought provoking words. Many gratitudes for all that you have taught me so far, much love and many blessings as the journey continues...
      K x

    72. Not only raw food, but raw honesty! What an eloquent expression of truth and values. This cleared any assumptions made about your life. You are an inspiring mentor and we are blessed to have you on the planet. Thank you for shining your light to dispel the darkness. Love, Georgia

    73. Thank you for being a consistently amazing light. Happy to know you. Hope our paths cross again. Keep up.....

    74. David Avocado, I'm alive because of the movement you were brave enough to stand behind, my family members benefit daily, loved ones and students have had their eyes opened because of your pioneering work! I have been defending for years against all those who dig deep to find the negative aspects of your life, (as if we all don't have areas of our lives to work on... ) I appreciate this public statement from you, "thank you brother"... the truth shall set us free! My family loves you and will continue prayers for your path, it is constant work to not stray when fame is part of the picture and with the life we live on these incredible "life giving foods" the abundance of energy has to be constantly directed, thank God we have the tools like the Yama's and Niyama's to expand us into deeper levels of consciousness. We will continue supporting and praying for each other, keeping our energies directed for the highest good. We need you David to stay the "super hero" you are, as it allows a strength for all of us to remember and access that power within each one of us...We know you are a tree hugger, a flower sniffer, a peacekeeper, an Essene, and any other path that promotes more human potential!
      Love and respect, i am you and you are me...O Mitakuye Oyasin.... Iyengar Yoga practitioner for 28 years.
      p.s. Hang up side down from your swing "monkey man," make sure you get plenty of supported shoulder balance in to balance the energies, smooth breathing and thankfulness and it will be as beautiful as you and all us peacekeepers imagine....GRATEFULNESS!!!

    75. wow, david,just keep on keepin "the best" of everything - your integrity, truth, great heart and presence is great example for us all - i work with the resource issue daily - met you a couple of years ago in st. augustine at the present moment cafe - wanted to attend another live event ever since, sorry to miss out on the new women's event next month and look forward to the dvd recordings that i hope will come available - thank you and blessings in all your endeavors, e*

    76. This comment has been removed by the author.

    77. DAVID: my issues with you/the products are these:

      1-If you have so little money, how can you afford to pay for all these (very often quite expensive) products and supplements from longevitywarehouse and elsewhere?All these probiotics, fulvic acid, chinese herbs, placenta etc etc? It can easil;y cost 300-500/month if we were to listen to your recommendations. If youre poor, how can you afford those? And how are we supposed to afford it ourselves? (and just eating lots of fruits, vegetables, organic in general is out of reach of people with little money).

      2- Why wouldnt you want to own some stake in one of those company, so you can have more of a say on what they do, and most importantly, control prices so the company may make less money but the products are more affordable, thus used more widely for everyone's health benefits? (not sure if this is possible, but if it would work like that, then you having a stake in a company would be good to all).

      I personally cant afford most of the things (could maybe pay for 1-3 supplement per month max) so im now rarely looking at your content.

      Because i know it will educate me on some topic i dont know about, only to make me feel like i have to buy this new thing or supplement that is being mentioned as being so important to X part of my body and health. It always seem like its being told that there is this new health product that would be so beneficial for you, and then you feel like crap because you cant afford it.

      Im not being mean, im just sharing my thoughts and experience here.

      1. of course, not being 'millionaire' [what does that mean nowadays?] doesn't mean he's 'poor'...

    78. Thank you David for all that you do bringing to use the best foods, herbs, and health information ever!

      Your sacrifice does not go unnoticed and as you've already experienced, your reward is and will be far greater than any quantity of money.

    79. Perfectly said, Avocado. The more you give, the richer you are. You are VERY rich! Blessings! Look forward to the superhero journey we all share!!!

    80. Avo, this is definitely the Best Post Ever. Thank you for putting this out there. I have known this about you for years now and appreciate you and what you do. I think everyone needed to hear this, or a reminder.
      Your friend,

    81. Rawk on my brother with the same birthday. I did not need to read this to know the info you shared. I got it from day one. But thanks for sharing! Connecticut loves your energy and is looking forward to he late May visit! (unofficial). Built it and they will come. You have built , they are coming and the shift is happening.

    82. Excellent David...I met you years ago in Beverly, MA and with a small group of raw foodies, we all shared young first and I was in heaven, not only because of the food, but the company. You are a true spirit and a good example of how life should be lived. Keep up the good work, we are all depending on you for your wise advice!

    83. I am split about 50/50 on whether I want to live your life. Your altruism and search for knowledge...the lands that you live on...and the travel you do ....I think that is the ideal life. Giving up some of the comfort dish soap and other cleaning supplies...not so much. I took your classes on raw nutrition...I love how you live...but I couldn't help thinking how I would remodel your kitchen:) I could live in that fur lined long as the heat was turned on...and I would love to walk barefoot, as long as it was soft dirt or sand.

      Somehow I think, even if you were involved with the large corporate ownership, yours would not be based on greed. It may not be profitable...but I would still trust you.

      I admire your lifestyle and your choices. I hope that you have a backup plan for when you get older and you don't have the physical riches you now enjoy.

    84. Wow David - you've opened my eyes on what true wealth is. Sometimes I get misguided and think if I had more money everything would be better but now that I look back on life some of my most happy times was when I didn't have a lot. Thanks for this I needed it.

    85. Thank you so much for sharing David, you have highlighted some very valid points here, some of which I really needed reminding of. Thank you for all of your work, you are such an inspiring person. Much love to you and god bless. XX

    86. I don't know. It takes maturity to handle money, that's true, and immature people would be better off stearing clear of temptation. On the other hand, the very nature of society and the world at large [i.e. with immoral corporations and people determining so much] makes it safer not to have to count on 'things working out' all the time. All of my own research and experience tells me that things are WORSE than most people fear and things in the world may still get VERY out of hand. Resources like money (but there are many forms of possession) may come in handy some day. Perhaps even talent, knowledge, and good character may then not be enough.
      Again, on the one hand a bad idea to apply wealth in a mainstream naive fashion, on the other hand the world is what it is. I wish i had the resources to set up an offgrid community and that would take millions. Even creating mineral-rich soil over a large area costs a lot if you don't have decades. That would be a safe resource that others need not covet. I mean, i understand the dangers involved in owning stuff, but there're also the dangers connected to having to count on certain things remaining the same.
      Independence can be achieved but would take a lot of (intelligent planning and) cash.

    87. David,

      This post has, in my eyes, given you more credibility and honor than any of your other posts. I always thought you were a fine person, but I never realized how giving you are. I send you much love and appreciation for your hard work, and mostly for your desire to help humanity. You truly put your money where your mouth is.

    88. Cheers! Thanks for the kind words. I can really connect with your message and understand what you mean. I also have similar aspirations and it is nice to know that someone has forged the path before me to at least have an idea how to get there.

    89. David - I have always loved your work, but now I am even more impressed with your being. Although I cannot say I live so simply, you have inspired me to continue a mission-driven life! Blessings and Thanks!!!!!!

    90. Yes David, I believe BALANCE is the key too. Do you know of any proven documented instances where any terminally diseased patients who's AMA allopathic doctor gave them less than 2 or 6 weeks to live(especially Cancer & AIDS patients); then the patient made a remarkable recovery(reversal) due to alternative care, diet, treatment, etc. & are now in homeostasis? I need to know how to heal, not just prevent, Cancer, AIDS & Diabetes to help different friends & possibly myself down the road.
      LOVE - Pete

    91. thanks for the reflection David. Blessings to all!

    92. Wow. I am really impressed. I definitely was under the impression that you were out to make a buck. I pretty much figured you were a millionaire. And while I say, good for you if you can get rich doing something that helps people, I have been a little dismayed at how people only see each other as dollar signs. I will see your posts differently now. I now regard you as a very rich man indeed. ((hugs))

    93. awesome philosphy for the world to live by

    94. David:

      Thanks! This IS the message that needs to be shared with the world! I was listening to John Perkins on Speaking Freely and it was an eye opening experience. One thing he said which rings true here is that wealth is the problem, not poverty. Thanks for all that you do.

      Blessing and Love,

    95. Still awaiting results of Adya investigation you promised. Best.

    96. David,
      You always motive and inspire me with your health and healing wisdom but today you touched my heart so deeply. What a beautiful heart felt message. Thank you for being so honest. You're precious.


    97. David, that was a brilliant message in every way! I am grateful for the work you do as I have been certified in your Raw Nutrition class and it has had a very positive impact on my life. Thanks for inspiring me and so many others. I wish you tremendous love, health, happiness and success in everything that you do!

    98. Great article! I was a head Buyer and Mgr at Canada's top dispensary (The Big C) and actually did a major investigation into Sunfood (owners), end result was I refused to support them, and buy from them. ONE DOLLAR, ONE VOTE....put your money where your mouth is! <3 much love!

    99. Thank you for being an amazing light in my life.

    100. Thank you. I feel right now that the timing of your words will open many more people up to the truth of all you have shared and all that you will continue to share and teach us. I truly appreciate you putting your words out there.

    101. The rare individual who unselfishly tries to serve others has an enormous advantage -- he has little competition. - Andrew Carnegie - (Really a great a message. Thank you and in perfect time.)

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    103. Simple no means I am sure. Your energy is your mana and in that aspect you are indeed wealthy.
      Thank you for being you. And thank your parents for bringing you to us all.

    104. : ) We love you, David!!

      (All you do & Every Single one of your(!) magical cacao beans makes miracles around our wonderfull, magical world!!)

      We Love & Thank you!

      AlWays be blessed!

    105. I almost didn't take the time to respond, but feel that what you are supporting is what has been the demise of 'seekers' for too long. I am not here to criticize you, just to comment. The biggest mistake that I have seen over the course of my life is the belief in renunciation of (financial) wealth. To not be attached, has little to do with having money or not. I have been blessed to have spent many decades with a true spiritual guru (one of Vedic lineage). He spent his life bringing forth the real meaning of the Vedas - which are the oldest 'texts' known to man (not really texts, they are passed down orally through the lineage of vedic pundits, but have been written down and translated (more translations than any other texts) over the centuries. The true value of the vedas comes not from reading books, but from hearing them chanted. Hearing them chanted is like tuning a piano - it re-aligns the listener's body. One of the misconceptions is around 'detachment' from worldly things (money being one of them). The point around detachment is simply not being attached to anything. To let everything flow; to not control/manipulate or restrict the natural flow. That includes the flow towards oneself. True abundance is letting the abundance of the universe flow freely into oneself and simultaneously out. This is the flow of receiving and giving. There is nothing wrong with receiving huge abundance. There is nothing wrong with clutching on to it, however, that restricts flow. If you squeeze a hose, water can only trickle, at most, from it. Since energy is constant, when one restricts the flow, it will affect what one receives back. Everything in this material world, at its basis, is energy. Money is just energy. Why would anyone refuse energy? Yes, there is a lot of greed in our current world picture. However, the solution is not to refuse to receive unbounded abundance. This has been the mistaken interpretation of the Vedas. Abundance/wealth, yes are all the things you have described, but by restraining from being a millionaire, is another way of judging money as evil. The wise do not delude the ignorant. You might just be simple and say - 'It is a choice. I choose to live a simple lifestyle; that is what appeals to me.' and leave it at that. If you are receiving flack about having a lot of money, repeatedly, then acknowledge this and ask nature/the universe, what more awareness you can have around this. Perhaps there are connections, actions, people associated with you that aren't aligned with you truly. Perhaps check in with the 'material' appearance of your 'company', and ask yourself how much it really resonate with who you truly are. Outer is a reflection of inner. Does your outer manifestation(s) truly reflect back to you who you really are?
      I don't agree with suffering in the name of enlightenment. I don't agree with spirituality being defined as not being a millionaire. It is everything. It is embodying abundance of everything - not refusing the gifts of the universe, whatever they be. Millions being offered to you, through what you do is a blessing. Be grateful for it. Continue to be the steward for greater well being, health, happiness in a human body. As one becomes 'famous'/bigger, the other side of the coin has to get bigger too. Acknowledge them both, as one and the same coin. Bad thoughts can make a person sick. Vedic texts have spoken about enlightened (established in one's SELF) beings being able to ingest poison, and turn it into 'gold'. In my own personal experience, health is directly proportional to one's connection with SELF - one's mind/body/consciousness connection. Our world has become pretty much disconnected from the body.
      Kudos, David, for all your contribution to the world. I wish you continued nourishment, doing what you love.

    106. dear david -- wow, i did not know that. since our interview a few years back -- and since meeting you in CA -- i kind of internally thought that we would be working together. i feel a strong kinship with you, the way you think, the way you ask questions -- and i just thought "there is no way we're not going to be working together, i am home."

      the years have passed and we have not connected on a professional level. our values are very similar and our missions, i could say "interact," in a healthy and mutually supportive way -- but we still have not formed a relationship that allows us to support each other (at least not in a way i'd call adequate).

      my life's experiences, since we last talked -- basically have me carrying a "situation," a "constellation," an "energy," or just a "something," that is absolutely unmentionable here.

      it is an "unmentionable" really -- and it's not about money -- or health even really.

      but david, if you have a half hour or so in the next week or so -- here is my 24/7 voicemail number, it is +1 317 713 1177. i am the only dainis michel in the world and am easy to find online. my skype id is dainismichel -- and i trust the people that are going to read this page -- so -- i'd very much like to talk with you.

      not business -- but serious "business," and something i just want to "pass along" to you -- something i want you to "know" and integrate into your path and life's mission.

      i feel it's important.

      it's kind of a please david "download this" conversation. i don't think i want it to be an interview or recorded actually.

      dainis w michel

    107. Mr. Wolfe, that took a lot courage to write, and I am sure you feel it was necessary to say. You certainly answered some of my own reservations. What is more important than the money, is the level of truth that I can see you continually seek in life, and your desire to share the knowledge you've found. I personally do not think there is anything wrong in becoming a millionaire or billionaire if you want to; you can always give it away or put it to good use if your heart is in the right place, and yours is. Both wealth and poverty reveal sides of ourselves we can learn from. Money is a reflection of our personal power, and I believe everyone has enough money. If you hadn't been bilked out of your share of profits by Sunfood, you might be that millionaire today (and I wouldn't begrudge that to you :)). Everything happens for a reason. I admit that before reading this, I had concerns about the quality of some of the products you promote and their actual value -- especially things like grounding sheets -- when so many products are ultra expensive and hard to qualify on one's own. Face it, it is an act of faith to hear someone tell you that you are being bombarded by dirty electricity that you can't see, and then shell out several hundred dollars to can fix an invisible problem. With every high thought I have I also have a negative voice that quickly wants to counter it. Hey, I'm workin' on it :) FUNNIEST THING IS: I know I need those grounding sheets because there is a transformer outside my bedroom window. I instinctively sleep on the couch in the living room to avoid it. I just can't seem to come up with the money for those sheets and not sure that they'd be strong enough to counter the transformer anyway. Silly, I know. Anyway, you are a beautiful soul, and have done much good for the world. We are all so much better off with you in it, and I will continue to listen to your precious words of wisdom. Thank you.

    108. Thank you for the information and inspiration that you tirelessly share! I appreciate your contribution!

    109. David,
      This honest sharing brings up a lot for me. You deserve wealth and shouldn't be ashamed to have tons of it if that were what pleased you. You've worked so hard, you've innovated and you've brought up others around you. There is no shame in that. In fact that is a great feat.

      Leaders are hard to come by and i celebrate your ability to lead. I am surprised by this honest statement i'll admit, as you do recommend so many products it's hard to keep up. And from the outside you appear very consumer/money/selling motivated. But i'm intrigued to know the depth of your journey, and the light of who you are, it's never what we think...

      Thank you for your service to health. Thank you for speaking out. Very brave.

      I'm interested in what superfood company you recommend now? It's important to me to support companies that share my values.

      I bless you on your journey. I suspect all will be new after today...

      great love to you,

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    111. Beautifully written.
      Wishing you all the true riches of life.
      Love and Peaches,
      from Anne XX.

    112. COSTA RICA

      Hi David,

      Thank you for sharing your authentic self with us all!

      I have 10 acres on a point on the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica, the most biologically intense place on earth. Not only is it pristine rainforest, but the ocean life here is super abundant too with year round humpbacks and large pods of several species of dolphins.

      I built it into an eco lodge which I closed 3 years ago because it was no longer bringing me joy and now I am looking to create a raw, dolphin community and health and wellness center. We want to produce great workshops on leading edge subjects and incorporate connecting with nature, including our dolphin and whale tours.

      I know you love Costa Rica and not sure if you are interested in talking about doing something here, but if so, I'd love to talk more about it!

      You can check out my websites at and

      Peace and blessings to you.

      <3 Sierra

    113. Thank you, David, for sending this email. I was also a fan of the show Kung Fu as a kid and many of it's principles...I work taking care of the elderly and the differently-abled and a living under the poverty level in the US...I do not own much either...I DO, however, very much want to help you to help this society to reach that place where everyone on Earth has a plentiful amount of organic superfoods and vibrant good should be evenly distributed and put back into sustaining the Earth...May I please help you to do this? Please let me know...

    114. Hi David, 
      I completely believe that your heart is made of gold, and am so grateful for your work! Thank you for your contribution to the internet with all your free content, and I have enjoyed your books, events and products.

       I look forward to finding out what your opinion of black micah and adya is as I took it for six months and wonder if it was responsible for some severe health issues. 

      Also, I always believed in working within a system in order to shine a light on a dark force. A great journalist, videographer and reporter, who started corp watch and many other nonprofits, told me his goal in life was to eventually work for Time Magazine so he could infilterate the system from with in.  In other words, Monsanto is a corporate entity that is a destructive force because it's empire is destroying natural genetic code among many other things, and it needs to be taken on from within by the people that work closely with it's owners.  Rather than protesting Monsanto by breaking into a board meeting in organic underwear like the bioneers or possibly the occupy movement, was your idea to partner with a son of a former Monsanto executive in order to fight it within or bring some sense to it? 

      I am looking forward to the full story because it will clear up why it was that you partnered with someone or something that would be a negative experience for you. Many of us are entreprenuers (I am a musician, educator, interactive designer and own a green web hosting company) and and it would be benificial to learn how to acheive a positive change in the world and the way companies run. 

      Thanks again,
      April - green hosting - music - design - arts space in DTLA

    115. Thank you David! Since I really came to truly understand this year what you are about by digging deeply into the information you have put out there, especially as to your authenticity and good intentions, I realized that any money of "mine" that flows into your enterprises, whether it be my subscription or a conference fee or purchases from this store, that is all money that is going to flow into projects that engage, educate, and make the world a better place. So even before reading this blogpost it was now evident to me that the last thing you were looking to accomplish in this world was to become "flithy rich". I am glad to see this blogpost and share it with others as I am doing on my Facebook wall right now, so as to reassure David Wolfe skeptics out there, like I was for many years, and also inform just anyone interested in nutrition who has failed at all the diets and is just confused and not enjoying the best health, that you are the real deal! Blessings, Paul

    116. This comment has been removed by the author.

    117. Because of you, I am on the path to greater health, happiness and higher consciousness. Thank you David!

    118. So much honor and respect for you David Avocado Wolfe. You've always always inspired my no compromise perspective on life, food, and what matters, and for that you stand on my pedistal of true leaders with real INTEGRITY and Alignment.
      My dream is that you and I will sit face to face and reason about the good stuff because we're on the same page!

    119. WOW! This is such an inspiring post! In my own personal experience you are 100% right. It's all about money and greed which made my baby extremely sick. I was a naive parent who thought commercial baby formula was safe and provided all the proper nutrition my baby needed. To make a long horrifying story short, my baby girl Ella was hospitalized at 5 weeks old and doctors had no idea what was wrong with her. At six months into her life everything came to a head with her sickness. The doctors still could not figure out what was wrong with her. My mommy instincts kicked in. I was not going to sit back and watch my baby be hospitalized and in misery. I was determined to find the cause of her illness. After much research and found the root of my babies illness....Her COMMERCIAL baby formula! I had no idea what trash, junk, chemically manufactured garbage it was. When I finally got smart as started researching commercial formulas. The information I found out was extremely disturbing. The thoughts going through my head was "How could those bastards do this to your poor innocent babies!" From that point forward I vowed as a parent to NEVER trust another company blindly again. I from that point forward I started hand making my baby formula using pure, raw organic ingredients. Within TWO days my baby was healed. She is now 2 1/2 and healthy as could be! I started my own company because I will flight until I die for babies and children to be fed clean real food. Thank you DAVID WOLFE you are such an inspiration do what is right in this world. You give me hope that I am not alone. GOD BLESS YOU!
      Your my hero,
      Dara Ree

      P.S. I know this is just one story out of millions.....

    120. Oh,one more thing.If you want to work towards your ultimate health,Ill give you here the ultimate rule for ya.1.Find out what kind of foods has been used in your area for centuries and thought as beneficial.Use those in the most raw and natural state possible,top up with some green smoothie and youre done conerning the food rules! 2.Go out and play-any form of exercise would do!Connect with nature,observe it and love it,She will give you all the strategies you need ! 3.Work on your character and Love. And act upon it! Many times is better to shut up and smile,over being always right ! Going this way will win you much more support and followers than showing them how youre right... And many times I find this more important even than superfoods! Thats all!
      Also I wanted to say that David seems to forget there is a considerable amount of ppl out there who has earned considerable experience already over the last few years working with the raw food concept-with themselves,as well as with clients,friends and their own followers.We are not kids any more,we also have our own sources....So nobody really needs David any more from this group of ppl-at least in the form he keeps following-the superhero superguru,who does the vanguard research,but mostly selling powders most of what nobody really needs...It needs to change and you need to do it David.All the changes in the world force us today to do hard choices in order to keep up with the speed and develop further,and you are not exception David!that was all I wanted to say.

        ask yourself a question what was this about
        how can I contribute?
        How does it get any better than this?
        What if you gave up judging for today everyday?( if we all tried it)
        You may then say I am not going to judge everything
        David merely expressed how he felt.

      2. One thing I have noticed about the Western and Eastern approach to education. In eastern cultures, teachers and masters are almost forever respected and remembered for what they have taught to their students; while in modern western society, we greedily take all that we can learn from somebody, use them for their wisdom, and then we forget and discard them--saying that "nobody really needs you anymore." This is a disgrace to all the wise ancients who dedicated their lives to the search for truth and understanding. I am forever grateful to you David Wolfe

    121. Hi David,
      I always open your emails, because I like what you have to offer,; more so after reading this letter from you, about your chief aim, and way of thinking. Kevin Trudeau released a program "your wish is your command," where he encourages us to connect,and discover what is my burning desire, or chief aim in life, and as I tried to my visualize my burning desire, or chief aim, I couldn't feel good about anything else, unless my relationships with my wife and 7 children is good, and my health was thriving, as well as me helping others. So, I'm glad to hear you articulate your life's purpose, and philosophy . Thank you for all you provide, and do for us, and the wellbeing of the planet.I wish all the best and continued wisdom,strength,success,protection, and all good things, for healing of soul and body of us all. Thanks again for sharing the inner driving force of your life.

    122. Wow. Very eloquent words to express such beautiful truths! Thanks for sharing. I love the work you do, and feel more motivated to support you now then ever! :)

    123. This comment has been removed by the author.

    124. I have always been inspired by your passion and your authenticity. My first experience of you was thru Naked Chocolate and also my friend Jon Hanauer who introduced me to the wonderful world of raw foods. That was years ago.

      This blog has validated that which I intuitively knew about you and the sometimes (ok most-times) non-traditionally bizarre ideas and proposals you present around spiritual and physical healthy. That validation is that you present your work and your wisdom without ego, rather with wisdom and in all cases I have found that it works for me. I am well into my crone years, pushing 70 and remain vibrant and beautiful because of many of the things I have learned from you. I have never met you or spoken to you in the "flesh;" however I know you to be a treasure in every sense of the word. I am very proud to be continuously inspired by you.

    125. Thank you for sharing and forever inspiring, that is the exact reason why you have been the only one i've continued to follow and listen to for the past 8 years.... You are the only one in the field that i never second guessed or questioned, it's always been, if it's good for David than its good for me.... And the only way to achieve that is by inpiring people.... Thank you ever so much for being there.

    126. I feel very inspired by this post, and second all the delight expressed above.

      I'll add for anyone interested that the money we have can be designed differently. In societies that had negative interest money, money circulates much more freely and is invested in natural infrastructure (eg. reforestation to create longterm natural capital), whereas in societies where money bears positive interest, like ours, people see it as more profitable to cut down trees, for example, and pocket the cash so they can bank it and earn interest. Interest is itself really just money taken from others... banks issue money, ask for more money back than they've issued, and we compete with one another to pay that "interest" back. That's why a certain bankruptcy rate is necessary and expected. Bernard Lietaer has written extensively about this, if anyone's interested. So has Yes! magazine in past issues.

      Therefore, the debate needs to shift from "money" to "money/currency/exchange design."

    127. Loving all of it! Thank you for shedding some light on the fact that you are not money hungry David...makes me understand better how living a creative life is an important part of healthy living. It's true- most millionaires get rich from causing harm- taking from their own personal energy and the energy of others in order to get monetary wealth. Confused values for sure. I'll take humility and health of body, mind and spirit anyday.

    128. I feel like i have re-met the Wolfe and the reasons you inspired me in the first place years ago have been reassured and reinstated. Your vision it what has inspired so many to adopt the ethics in their life and seek high nutrition both internally manifested and from truly sustaining outside sources.

      Total respect for the fact that you shared this message!!

      I was going to promote and sell Sun-food Nutrition products... I did not know this happened.


      And P.S. I am so grateful that you do put those videos out there without charge. Thank you tremendously for honoring your mission. It is priceless to the spirits of people.

    129. Thank you David from Australia for your amazing contribution to the world in giving people the opportunity to live life to the fullest. I personally wondered about your motivation in all this and weather it was commercial and am delighted to hear to the contrary. So thank even more for creating oneness and spreading consciousness in this world. I don't think there is anything wrong with making money at all, but I do agree that when it is your main reason for doing something you most likely miss your divine purpose and then you are truly poor. Lot if love. Sue

    130. Thanks David for your authenticity, and thank you for writing a statement such as this. Being vulnerable like this takes a lot of courage and a strong faith in ones connection to the core of the universe. Which is Love. Thanks for reaching out and sharing.
      Have the best day ever!!,

    131. Very Heart warming and timely but if you want to be taken more sincerely you need to relax when you speak, as is you are some what hyped up like alot of americans, and it comes across as a sales pitch. and is there fore mistrusted. in my opinion, when donna gates came on to your video, i could relax and i was drawn into what she was saying, not trying to sort out what was b.s. she was operating from her center, not her head, and whatever. so take a chill pill, its like dr mercola, he has way to much hype and to much sales orienation, to be effective. he also talks with to much info syndrome and slurs his words, so i dont trust him 100% as he is just selling stuff like most doctors. having said that, i have begrudgingly let you inspire me to spend lots of money on elixiers, and as of yet not been able to get all the ingreadience to make em taste good. but i am working on changing my health thanks to you and gabriel cousens. so think about forces in teh word, the architectual structure of sound, and its meaning, as a magician, and one into rhythm, the feeling of sound is important as well, as its the feeling we listen to with our souls and bodys, and we tune out if its just head noise.

      "If nothing but outer, materialistic impulses work in the world and in human heads and hearts, then the entire civilised earth will gradually be enveloped in terrible chains of slavery and never know joy again."
      Rudolf Steiner ("How can mankind find the Christ again?", Lecture 7)


    132. Wonderfully written. Thank you for who you are. Always admired your hard work, books and talks. All the best to you David.

    133. David,
      Thank you for sharing. I needed to be inspired and here you are...once again.
      Peace and Love,
      Billie Adeimy

    134. Thank You David ! ! is so good to hear what yo say - You sure are a good man & inspiring teacher.

      I wish much happiness & joy in this exciting new year ahead - wow 2012 here we go - hopefully the best year ever for planet Earth & humanity ! ! !

    135. hello David
      many, many thanks for all the free information you give. with your help i've brought myself to new levels of good health. that you give away so much is so obvious to me. i appreciate hearing your story here. many thanks. Zuri

    136. Thank you David Wolfe. You are a true inspiration for me and countless others. I truly respect your Taoist approach to simplicity and having less. A Buddhist or Taoist might say that you may become enlightened in this life, or if not this one, then the next one. Your spiritual achievements truly benefit all beings. Namaste.

      Your biggest fan and student,
      Solomon Ferdin

    137. David, thank you for writing your story - we all wish we had your "rich" life. Thank you for showing the way and sharing your vast knowledge. You are the Best Ever, and just keep doing what you are doing. Your power is your focus and commitment to what is best for all.

    138. Wow, I am totally blown away by your integrity, love, honesty and sincere desire to serve humanity. Thank-you so much for sharing your story and for sharing the wealth of knowledge you have acquired, as well as your free seminars on the internet. I have gained so much from what you have shared in various ways.

      Love and light,
      Connie Knudson

    139. Dude, that's some pretty deep stuff. Too deep, unfortunately for the majority of folks...

      So, here's a suggestion: Why not make one of your next books on the subject of how to connect with the Earth and live that Truly Wealthy life you so accurately outlined.

      I mean, if written with the careful consideration of this article, the impact from such a book might just be greater than anything you've done so far - or even a combination of those things.

      Anyway, thanks for all you do and for this illuminating piece!


    140. As a Taoist yoga teacher who has long been enamored by both the Taoist teachings & the Immortals, (& feel that David "Avocado Wolfe" deserves to be immortalized as a great), I also feel that your capacity to generate income for the incredible body of truly beneficial information, teachings, & products that you provide, as well as your charismatic & full on loving presence to everyone you meet, is one of your gifts & that it is best to use & honor as such. You are such a powerful Light & Divine channel of wisdom, knowledge, truth, joy, & healing & are so, so noble….it seems good & almost necessary in today’s world for wealth & abundance to flow to & through high integrity channels such as yourself so that you can accomplish even more good in the world than you already have. Maybe, dare I say it, it is your responsibility.
      It’s true…we need you & others like you… have a stake in these high quality, mission driven companies that are truly helping the planet & be the minds & the driving force behind how resources are used to better the world….to shift the fate of humanity & the planet towards greater balance & health.
      It is a pivotal time in history & we can no longer play small in the face of those who are not so high minded & noble, who need to be shown the way to overcome fear & greed, & to witness the use of & balance of power & wealth with integrity, love, & wisdom.
      We must all step up as individuals into our personal power. We must play this cosmic game to the best of our ability within the talents & gifts that we are given so that we can thereby shift the trajectory of our shared fates towards a world of beauty & love, faith, respect, & overflowing abundance & harmony for all.
      You are at the top of your game & will keep going higher & farther, & we need you to do that if it is still your passion to do so. You are an inspiration. Though you have already accomplished so much, you have so much more to share give & do with an ever greater audience. If it is your choice & interest to continue to do so, then the world needs you to be well provided for so that you can continually give of these gifts & more. That’s why I think, while we still have a monetary system, that it may be best that you (&others like you) are a trillionaire!
      You have nothing to lose & everything to gain so I hope that you allow yourself to receive unbounded abundance because you deserve it & the world deserves what will flow through & from you-knowing it will be of the highest caliber because of who & how you are.
      May all of your dreams come true, both for yourself & this world David "Avocado" Wolfe! And… may WE ALL activate our genius so that we can follow in the footsteps of giants such as you & make this world the Best Ever!

    141. David Wolfe,
      I appreciate your sharing that so very much. I value your spirit. I have enjoyed many hours of free information from you just for the sake of sharing. I don't know you but I know your heart. I hope to see you with my own eyes one day.
      I wish you peace and understanding and anything else you ever choose for yourself,
      God bless,

    142. Remarkable & very admirable - thank you David

    143. Love you Dave. I've always felt you to be coming from truth with your science and care about health. I always felt a pure spirit coming from you (except maybe for some fun sexual enuendos, lol). But I've known many people who felt you were in it for the money and were manipulating things for your benefit. Therefore I am soooo happy to see your message. It fills in some of the missing pieces and helps everyone see what I've sensed all along. :o) :o) :o) Looking forward to more information and the rest of the story.

    144. Thank you David for your honesty and straightforwardness. Most importantly I'm impressed with your dedication to helping others live the best life ever!

      Vince Shelton

    145. Money is a tool. Using the businesses you help develop, you can then utilize the fortune it presents to then donate or help fight the "cause" ... by information via t.v. ads , helping idealistic young lawyers fight corporations.
      You would't be directly involved.

      The word has to get out via mass audience ... setup a faw food add for the superbowl saying Monsanto genetically modified food is damaging our environment with the added pollution being dumped into land...etc or show articles in the papers showing new evidence of your GMO causing organ damage... heck develop your own concrete study that cannot be easily ignored... then publish that , and use mass media to distribute it.

      With the money you make from the business....

      Make the front company go out of business if they try to sue the corporation, then declare bankruptcy. Make the word go out.

      That's how I would use money.... I don't need to acquire things , but I need to get information out there so everyone has an informative decision.

      Why do we turn our head and let the evil reign???
      When you can support "our cause" and let people know what is going on out there, via the mass media.

      Please think about this. It will help stop people's mindless adoption of corporate practices.

      Stay well David. We need you whatever you do. That you for making yourself available.

      Carlisle,ON Canada

    146. This comment has been removed by the author.

    147. Mate, you are fantastic speaker, the best salesman I have ever seen from a speaking platform, you created a buying frenzy for the products available in the foyer. But obviously a crap business person. Stop whinging abut the sunfood, learn from them improve upon it, align it with whatever your version of spirituality is, deserve to attract the right people who can look after te business side of things with you, make truckloads of money disperse it to do what you truly believe is the best way to light up the world. Good luck on your mission

    148. Many mahalos for the plethora of rich blessings you share so freely with us all. It's fabulous for recluses like me.
      I have never met you off my Apple screen. But, if I do, I am going to wear 3 pairs of underwear as a safeguard for your humor; it rocks! It has always been obvious (to me) that you act with high integrity. Bizarro-rama for anyone who could think otherwise.
      Keep running with chocolate, Avocado Wolfe!

    149. David,
      I do appreciate all that you have shared. You do strike me as a very honorable and giving individual. I did not know about your vow of non-monetary gain. Monetary wealth as you say is not a sin - much can be accomplished with it. Thank you and I will do my part, sharing and helping others.
      PS - I hope to run into you in Costa Rica.

    150. This comment has been removed by the author.

    151. Wonderful, Humbling article. Reading David's book Sunfood Diet is a huge part of what got me starting eating Amazing foods and improving my WellBeing in every area. And yet, I have been in the place of feeling begrudging towards his perceived wealth, and feeling like David is MoneyHungry and this'n'that. I would have to reflect back on the Genuineness that I interpreted from him from back when I read Sunfood Diet to snap myself out of the judgements. I am happy to say that I am Learning more and more as time goes by, and sorting the Confusion out. We are all very confused and, if there is one thing profound I have learned, is that we need to be incredibly easy on ourselves, and each other, to Move Forward.

      Thank you so much David, for Everything!

    152. Thank you David, your words ring true, and truth prevails, and higher energy / vibration trumps other.
      You have a big support network, and I appreciate all you've done in your tireless pursuit of healthful, spiritual knowledge, and the grace in which you pass it on!

      peace bro,

      Scott 2

    153. David,
      Thanks bro. for all you have done in the health field. I too have work in alternative health care in a donation clinic and seen amazing results and drainbows as well. I know what it means though when it works , your just in the flow and everything is right.I tried the same clinic atmosphere for money and it just wasn't the same the clients weren't the same people weren't getting as healthy and my heart wasn't in it. So, heres to you. Hope to eat cacao with you one day in Costa Rica or Vilcabamba.. Peace 528
      Nate Shaffer

    154. I was aware that David no longer had ties to SunFood but was not aware that he did own or have financial interests in Longevity Warehouse. The last time I saw him speak was in Texas earlier this year. Having just returned from Lisa Sasevich's Speak to Sell I was surprised to see David in a room of people hungry to soak up all the information and knowledge he has not make any sort of offer for people to attend the next Longevity Now conference or have any programs designed so that he people could work with him or someone trained in his Longevity Now. I felt that for all the effort and hard work he does in regards to his speaking, creating videos, delivering content, etc. that he was totally missing the mark on how to market and monetize his efforts. And now it makes sense. He's not interested in making money. And while that is noble in an idealistic sense it also is in some ways doing himself, his mission, the healing plants and waterways and the people who can benefit from all of this a disservice. A person like David Wolfe is the type of person we need to be a millionaire/billionaire. A person who is committed to the health and wellbeing of individuals and the planet. I don't understand why he is giving his name and power away to individuals/corporations who are not supportive of his mission. If instead David were to profit from Sunfoods, Longevity Now, Sacred Chocolates, his speaking gigs, info products and all of this other work he would have the resources to give away/invest a foundation that would support his life's work and passions - thinks like protecting pure water ways, protecting the forests and homes to the healing wild edibles and superfoods, raising the awareness of natural forms of healthcare, lobbying and influencing food/heath care policy, etc. It is perfectly ok to not want money/assets for one's personal life - but if one has been personally responsible for generating millions of dollars, I don't see the benefit into giving that all away and interest to individuals/corporate controls that are not in integrity and in alignment with your values. There is such a higher way in which those resources could be utilized if he were to get his beliefs about money in alignment with his mission and values of raising the health of individuals and the planet.

    155. David,
      I was so surprised by this letter. What I admire about you most is your absolute commitment to the ideals of freedom and I have set you up as a sort of role model in my mind of someone who is able to create his own vision in life without compromising. I'm just puzzled right now. What is your currency? Influence? You do so much good and I believe you could do more with money on your side. My goodness you are gifted in so ways and even Jesus in the parable of talents expects us to multiply our talents (money). Hmmmmm. You definitely got me thinking. xoxo

    156. I also had the experience of connecting with David at the event in TX to ask his permission to use some of the images he has in his Sunfood and Superfood nutrition books - of the aura photography of food to utilize in my program to help raise people's awareness of the energy of food and how that energy effects our both our physical and our energetic bodies. The plan was of course to credit his name to the photos but he said they pics were his intellectual property and part of his "schtick". I now find it interesting that someone so non-concerned about generating and retaining income from his work would be so protective of photos that I would have used not in form of competition but in a spirit of service and helping people to make an even greater connection in the power of the energetic properties of the food to help people to heal, raise their vibrations and increase their energy on all levels!

    157. David,
      Wow! what beautiful words! I had goosebumps all threw your message. I did a 2 week backpack threw Costa Rica about six years ago and fell in love with the country and ended it with a week long stay in the Osa Penninsula for a yoga retreat. It was truly magical! The energy of the Osa P. was incredible. I have never felt soo alive! I was high! The greenery and smells, walks on the beaches were like heaven, Eden to me!
      I never really understood why I felt so alive there; other than the obvious. When you mentioned in the above message, the part about no military, guns etc, in Costa Rica, it all made sense to me!
      David, I have been following the info you have been sharing since I listened to your first talk in Toronto with Juliano about 12 years ago. I just want to tell you I have noticed big changes in your sharing over the years and want to tell you what a lovely, giving, beautiful soul you have become!
      Thanks for being you!

    158. In a world of people in survival mode and operating out of opportunism, particularly now that the economy is as it is, resources are so depleted and population growth and consumerism is going to potentially kill them off altogether, the ecosystem is in critical trouble, etc, we try to make decisions based on what feels right, what our consciences tell us, and consequently try and educate others who are still in the dark ... not only about the environment, but about their health, who to trust and what products to source to protect their health. Your name is always one of a small elite handfull I scribble on a piece of paper so they can go away and listen to you, read your books ... My instinct has always felt your integrity. What you've posted is interesting, and rings true. It's really wonderful to feel how happy you are through your words. I'm glad to have clarity about Sunfoods .. I've bought from them once or twice, but for some reason have gravitated away. I have no problem with people who are wealthy .. I choose to believe that they have a right to live that way if they wish, and hope that they are incredibly philanthropic and using their resources to assist with world issues too. Anyway .. thank you for your message, and for everything I've learned and continue to learn from you. Your delivery is always engaging and entertaining. You're inspiring and very much appreciated :)

    159. My respect for you has risen after reading this.

      I am someone who has watched with a mild interest and been entertained by your exuberance and passion.

      More and more am I finding myself drawn to the kind of life you bring... and I feel a little scared and discouraged.

      I live in Thailand, I have no interest in consuming imported products or ordering stuff from another country... and feel intimidated on how to go about unearthing more of the richness that I know this country has to offer.

      If you are ever in Thailand or have any resources about this country I would love to find out more.
      I speak pretty fluent Thai and would love to help out with anything should you ever decide to be more interested here.

      Thank you.

    160. David, Thank you for your sincerity, openness and honesty. I had no idea!!! I have bought Sun Food Nutrition products within the past couple of years THINKING David owned the company. It felt good knowing that I was supporting someone who was helping share cutting edge health information for prevention and healing. Now, I don't want to buy from them again. Plus, their prices are high. I am surprised you are not a millionaire, you deserve to be!! I have enjoyed watching your career and professionalism grow. I will continue to spread health information you do. Blessings, Leah

    161. Yeah! You are the man! Thanks for being such an inspiration by living your truth, speaking your truth and just being you.

    162. David,

      It's because of your role in the docu "Food Matters" that I found Matt and Angela. It's because of Matt and Angela that I am well on my own personal path to becoming raw. I am 2+ months into becoming a vegetarian; the next step being a vegan, then raw vegan. I TG for you, Matt/Angela, the people who brought us "Food Matters" and everything else that has helped me on my path to what I Truly Desire.

      At the lowest point in my life, not too long ago, I was blessed to realize (with my eyes truly open) that I didn't need to HOLD ONTO all that I was, collecting in fact, never throwing away. I made two HUGE donations that equated to stuff I'd been holding onto for 18 years. And I plan on doing more donating!

      I am also bringing my 100+ year old home back 50+ years by using only glass storage containers, plates, etc. I am realizing how every purchase I make on Ebay is helping to REcycle and REuse no matter what I buy and it feels GOOD!!! I can only think of a few things that I purchase that are new....

      I thank you for sharing your life with us. It really made a difference in mine. Lots of Love & Light :)

    163. Thanks so much for sharing your truest self through these words! I often wondered this about you :) And it further explains how what you said is the truth. Your energy is amazing! I have seen you speak live and I become so inspired anytime I hear your recordings or even read your posts. The passion you have is contagious. Thank you for all that you do to share your knowledge and love. Peace be with you!

    164. Thank You David for inspiring me once again !

    165. There is always that moment that time when someone says the right words at the right time. You are not magically there at the right time, the time is righ for you. There were things that you expressed in your letter that was right and time for my eyes, heart, mind and spirit to truely see. Thank you.. Tia

    166. Gratitude Listens
      to the sound of the Sun/
      Unbound by the One/
      Life is ah WonderFull Struggle/
      Through legal troubles/
      People hustle/
      bound by secrets
      that seed and muzzle/
      Running and attacking defeat-
      seeking convenience,
      "happy" with another
      "piece" of the puzzle/
      More of less, left without more-of-all/
      One's with more money than consideration end up poorest of all/
      Right Now! Inspired like all the comments above, I write Tao, thought from the mind, for
      Even though I only saw one hue of a drainbow,
      they to were inspired, to be in correspondence with yOur rain-as-it-sews,
      Deeper the seeds as we LeARN from seed reaper/
      Peace Keeper, of the infinite trust that reaches higher, wider, deeper,
      Cast'Ah: way neuro-connecting in ether/
      For our mission is life-giving, and will only thrive with LIFE-GIVING:
      Sat-Namaste, Life*Giving; receiving and integrating, life's giving:::
      One breath/seed at a time:

    167. Blessings and thanks for the wisdom shared..though I believe money and success go well together - as we need to live well and also have money if we are to be leaders in our fields for the sake of humanity. Projects cost money. I am a film-maker and always require funds...I share my ''gifts'' with the world and believe in sharing the rewards of using the ''gifts'' too. Wishing you well always in your amazing endeavours... x

    168. I love my haters David. If you do then you must have a lot of love. ;) Forward my brethren-

    169. and that is why, Mr David Avocado Wolfe you are one of the best role models ever, why I adore your work and all you stand for. Long may you shine wonderful man.

    170. Grata...Aprendo muito a cada dia com voce como professor,e com o Aris La Than que tive a oportunidade de aprender muito com ele aqui no Brasil e que tem a mesma filosofia e os mesmos princípios, são Homens de Verdade aqui na Terra. Grata por não me fazer mais perder as Esperanças nesse mundo!

    171. My only disapointment is that this wonderful communication was even necessary. Having met you David, I can honestly say that your energy has always been pure. I am sure it will continue to be so. I do believe that one day we will see a society that loves rather than hates, and spends their time in gratitude rather than judgement. Until then keep the faith. Peace and blessings be with you.

    172. I love and share your perspective on true wealth, David. Thanks for sharing with us. I did sometimes wonder if a part of your energy was being distracted by wealth generation since it is so easy to fall into that trap. So nice to hear that there are pure souls like you still around who truly want to live a vibrant life and show others how to do so. Thank you so much for staying true to your generous spirit!

    173. May you always be blessed with unconditional love & abundance from the Creator's perspective David! Many Blessings...

    174. David I am the woman you met when you came in to the hall at the ABF-house in Stockholm last autumn. You walked right up to me and kissed my hand.Such a gentleman! You might not remember, but I will never forget. You have a heart of gold and you touch peoples hearts wherever you go. You and your mission is such a gift to this planet. I just love what you wrote here and it is exactly what I would expect from you. You are walking love in it's essence. May God protect you and your loved ones in all your coming days. //Caroline Nielsen

    175. Alright David, you influenced the superfood movement, now let's move on to what we know is 100% freedom: living on NO food, just love alone <3 perhaps in costa rica ;)

    176. well done, succinct...and filed with grace and love...
      Thank you for all you are and everything you give to so many and the inspiration you bring into the hearts and minds and souls of so so many.
      WE are blessed, you are a gift to humanity.
      S H I N E ON

    177. i dont know. your said yourself money isnt evil.
      why not own those companies and get the millions your self. so yo can decide/invest in those things you think are best.

      now its going somewhere else. with that money you could have done more things.

      nothing wrong with haveing enough money, i wish i had. i think you have enough to really life comfartably better then the socalled 99%.

      keep up the work. take care of yourself.