Thursday, February 23, 2012

NOTE: This article was reprinted from Reuters Health with my comments below.

Laptop Wi-Fi said to nuke sperm?

(Reuters Health): The digital age has left men's nether parts in a squeeze, if you believe the latest science on semen, laptops and wireless connections.

In a report in the venerable medical journal Fertility and Sterility, Argentinian scientists describe how they got semen samples from 29 healthy men, placed a few drops under a laptop connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi and then hit download.

Four hours later, the semen was, eh, well-done.

A quarter of the sperm were no longer swimming around, for instance, compared to just 14 percent from semen samples stored at the same temperature away from the computer.

And nine percent of the sperm showed DNA damage, three-fold more than the comparison samples.

The culprit? Electromagnetic radiation generated during wireless communication, say Conrado Avendano of Nascentis Medicina Reproductiva in Cordoba and colleagues.

"Our data suggest that the use of a laptop computer wirelessly connected to the internet and positioned near the male reproductive organs may decrease human sperm quality," they write in their report.

"At present we do not know whether this effect is induced by all laptop computers connected by Wi-Fi to the internet or what use conditions heighten this effect."

A separate test with a laptop that was on, but not wirelessly connected, found negligible EM radiation from the machine alone.

The findings fuel concerns raised by a few other research teams.

Some have found that radiation from cell phones creates feeble sperm in the lab, for example. And last year urologists described how a man's sitting with a laptop balanced on his knees can crank up the temperature of his scrotum to levels that aren't good for sperm. (See Reuters Health story of November 8, 2010, at

So between the heat and the radiation from today's electronic devices, testicles would seem to be hard-pressed.

But that is not at all clear, said Dr. Robert Oates, who has managed to father two kids despite having both a laptop and an iPad.

The president of the Society for Male Reproduction and Urology, Oates told Reuters Health he doesn't believe laptops are a significant threat to male reproductive health.

"This is not real-life biology, this is a completely artificial setting," he said about the new study. "It is scientifically interesting, but to me it doesn't have any human biological relevance."

He added that so far, no study has ever looked at whether laptop use has any influence on fertility or pregnancy outcomes.

"Suddenly all of this angst is created for real-life actual persons that doesn't have to be," said Oates, also of Boston Medical Center.

According to the American Urological Association, nearly one in six couples in the US have trouble conceiving a baby, and about half the time the man is at the root of the problem.

While the impact of modern technology is still murky, lifestyle does matter, researchers say.

Earlier this month, a report in Fertility and Sterility showed that men who eat a diet rich in fruit and grains and low in red meat, alcohol and coffee have a better shot at getting their partner pregnant during fertility treatment. (See Reuters Health story of November 18, 2011, at

"You should be keeping yourself healthy," including staying lean, eating healthy foods, exercising, not taking drugs and not smoking, agreed Oates.

And for those laptop worries, he mused, "I don't know how many people use laptops on their laps anyway."

SOURCE: Fertility and Sterility, online November 23, 2011.

My Comments:

Many of you have probably already seen my video where I measure the voltage of an iPad and Kindle to test for EMF radiation:

Quite simply, we cannot hide from the artificial electrical impulses that surround us today and permeate the atmosphere such as: electromagnetic radiation from live electricity in our homes and workplaces, radio waves, mobile phone signals, Wi-Fi, and all other forms of electrosmog and wireless communication. Even some beach and mountain resorts and homes, far from civilization, have Wi-Fi emitters now! 

We can only adapt to the situation by re-connecting ourselves to the Earth's protective field. The Earth's protective field is negatively charged and dynamic (it changes in response to the astronomical cycles). This field nourishes us with healthy electricity (free antioxidants) in most natural environments where we can get into direct skin-to-skin electrical contact with the Earth. 

Skin-to-skin electrical contact with the Earth means walking barefoot, laying on grass or sand, swimming in a lake, river, or the ocean. This may not be possible in some environments, such as temperate climates during icy winters. This is why Longevity Warehouse offers many excellent Earthing products to help us access the Earth's healthy, negatively charged electricity at all times (even in unnatural building environments), such as grounded beds, desk pads, mouse pads, sheets, etc. 

You may or may not require these tools depending on where and how you live; nevertheless the key is that all of us need to be grounded or Earthed as long each day as possible in order to electrically strengthen our system to deal with the electromagnetic assault that currently affects all of us who live on Earth.  

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Researching Adya Clarity
by David Wolfe
(February 8th, 2012)

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Before reading this blog post, please be aware that neither I or anyone at the Longevity Warehouse plan on selling Adya Clarity now or anytime in the future.  In addition, this blog post is not an endorsement of the product or of Adya, Inc.'s founder Matt Bakos.  I am merely sharing some preliminary scientific research I am conducting on the public's behalf.

And please be advised, I am not recommending anyone consume Adya Clarity based on this INITIAL scientific research. I am merely sharing the scientific results we have discovered thus far.

The Beginning...
When the controversy about the safety of ingesting Adya Clarity arose, it became very important to me to personally establish the safety or toxicity of this product instead of just relying on secondhand or anecdotal information. For the sake of Longevity Warehouse customers and the public at large, I knew that I needed to do my own research with an independent lab that was qualified to determine whether or not a nutritional supplement product was actually toxic. My experience of the product is that people  have experienced beneficial results from using Adya Clarity, but with all the recent questions surrounding it, I felt it was important to know what independent clinical data would indicate about the product.

As I delved into researching the testing process, I realized that a simple lab report could not answer the accusations that Adya Clarity was toxic as I initially thought it could. If we were to be very clear with the results of any lab report, I discovered that we needed to do more than simply test for the presence of a component such as aluminum sulfate. We needed to determine whether or not aluminum sulfate or any of the components in the product would be harmful to our health if ingested. Determining this would require a lab that was qualified and experienced in this particular type of analysis.

My inquiries into toxicity testing, led me to discover that if a substance did not already have past clinical studies to determine its safety or toxicity, then the standard process would be to test the product on live animals.

From studying the Material Safety Data Sheets on Aluminum Sulfate (a component of Adya Clarity), I learned that there were no past LD50 case studies (tests on animals) which answered the question of whether or not aluminum sulfate was toxic to consume.

While I did want to clearly establish the safety or toxicity of Adya, I did not want to run the risk of causing any harm to another living creature through animal testing. I opted instead to find another testing method to determine toxicity. I began researching which other tests could be performed to conclusively indicate whether or not any component in Adya Clarity was toxic.

The entire process became quite involved and I had to enlist members of my team to help.

We spoke with experts in the pharmaceutical industry who routinely have to provide clinical test data, and were advised that we could do a type of “deformulation test”.  We could then consult with an expert who understands the food industry, knows about food additives, knows the legal regulatory standards for food purity, and ideally has experience working with a similar product. This person would be able to analyze the structure of the material and compare it to similar substances to make a toxicity recommendation.

After researching multiple labs, including labs overseas, we finally settled on a lab based in Florida: Applied Consumer Services ( for testing. We arranged to send an assortment of samples of both Adya Clarity and the similar Black Mica Extract to the lab so they could do a composite test to determine the product components; test for a spectrum of toxins including bacteria, pesticides and toxic metals; and also analyze the results.

This entire process so far has taken my team and I over two months. This two month time period has involved our search for an appropriate lab, the completion of initial results of the primary components, and the interpretation of the initial results.

Partial Testing Results
After reviewing the initial data, a member of my team called and spoke with the doctor at the lab who supervised all the testing: Dr. Stewart. We first inquired as to the efficacy of Adya Clarity to purify water and about its ability to precipitate toxins existing in the water. Dr. Stewart confirmed that this is clearly a prime benefit of Adya Clarity.

Regarding toxicity, he confirmed that
no bacteria or molds were detected. In addition, if the product was diluted by adding one teaspoon to one gallon of water, Dr. Stewart believes that the amount of metals would not be problematic for regular consumption.   So, when taken according to the instructions on the bottle, the product is likely to be more beneficial than harmful.

Many natural substances, including fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, seaweeds, mushrooms, animal tissue, milk (dairy), etc. have metals in them. It’s part of nature and our current world, metals cannot be altogether eliminated. Typically, our amazing bodies are able to nutritionally use or  filter out low levels of metallic minerals.

Important Precautions
In terms of internal consumption, Dr. Stewart advised us that because Adya Clarity is a concentrated product, if it were ingested undiluted in large quantities, there would be three primary metals that could be toxic: aluminum, iron, and titanium.

According to Dr. Stewart, In order to over-consume this product, you would need to take an ounce or more of it a day, undiluted, on an ongoing basis.

If a person were to take such a quantity, over time, the metals would build up in the body and could become problematic. There are minute amounts of other trace metals present in the Adya product, such as arsenic and barium, which could also build up over time if the product was taken in large undiluted quantities.

According to the lab report, these are some of the predominant minerals found in Adya Clarity:

Mineral                           Units (mg/L)
Aluminum                               1090-1171
Arsenic                                     0.034-0.038
Barium                              0.022-0.026
Beryllium                                 0.011-0.012
Calcium                            41.1-45.5
Chromium                               0.651-0.756
Cobalt                               0.457-0.511
Copper                                     0.693-0.788
Iron                                  1152-1250
Lead                                 0.012
Magnesium                         419-451
Manganese                         14.2-15.8
Nickel                                   0.229-0.266
Potassium                               167-187
Silicon                              3.19-3.59
Sodium                            17.9-20.2
Strontium                             0.59-0.66
Titanium                               96.2-106
Vanadium                             1.788-2.009
Zinc                                   1.263-1.412

Criticisms of Adya Clarity
In addition to sharing some the formal scientific research we conducted, I also want to address some of the more pressing criticisms of the product:

Criticism #1.
Adya Clarity contains inorganic aluminum content, which causes people to become ill over time.

My opinion: I agree that smelted, non-fractal aluminum that has been treated with high voltage can make people sick over time (when ingested), but Adya Clarity isn't smelted bauxite (natural aluminum-containing rock). The aluminum in Adya Clarity hasn't been broken out of its natural fractal pattern by high voltage electricity and converted into aluminum products. In other words, the statement: "THIS is natural, organic aluminum and THAT is inorganic, toxic aluminum" is an oversimplification of the issue.

Criticism #2: Adya Clarity is a product that was fraudulently imported as battery acid, along with many other fraudulent misrepresentations.

My opinion: My research is limited to investigating the product itself.  I have no expertise regarding import laws or the business practices of Adya, Inc.

Criticism #3: Adya Clarity is inorganic rock and should not be ingested by humans.

My opinion: The answer of this criticism depends on your definition on "inorganic". If inorganic means "earthy substances" such as clay, then animals and humans have been eating inorganic materials since the beginning of time. Fulvic and Humic Acid are made from "inorganic" sedimentary rock and have a well-documented track record for improving plant, animal, and human health.

Criticism #4: Adya, Inc. and its founder Matt Bakos are being investigated by the FDA and Health Canada.

My opinion: I have no knowledge of, or comment on, Matt Bakos' business practices and personal life, I am investigating the Adya product itself.

Further Research
It should also be noted that many people on my team, as well as friends and family have been taking Adya Clarity regularly and have been happy with the results.  When this controversy arose, a mother of one of The Longevity Warehouse team members who had been taking Adya Clarity regularly for the past year had a comprehensive blood test taken to determine the levels of aluminum and iron in her blood. She had been consuming Adya Clarity per the instructions on the bottle. Her blood test showed results in the normal range on both these metals.

In conjunction with our own research analysis, I (and my team) also found out some additional information that is available for public review:

According to the U.S. patent office, Adya Clarity is registered (patent number 4,983,286) as a water-purifying reagent: 

And according to the Natural Health Products Directorate (the Canadian version of the FDA), Health Canada assessed and approved all natural health claims made by Adya Inc. before letting them sell their products in Canada. They also checked that the Adya products were properly manufactured and packaged.

My Current Thoughts
Because the safety and health of Longevity Warehouse customers and the public at large  are always paramount to me. I will always endeavor, to the best of my knowledge, to educate you on only the highest quality health products on Earth. I am therefore waiting for the full testing results to come back before giving my final opinion regarding whether or not I believe the Adya Clarity and/or Black Mica products are safe to consume.

That being said, based on all of the data that I have seen thus far, it would appear that the Adya Clarity and Black Mica products are safe to consume when following the dilution instructions on the bottle.

However, I am NOT recommending anyone take this product based on this preliminary research!

I will release another blog post once we have full testing results back. At that time, I will make a final statement on the testing results.  

During the interim, if you wish to visit the Adya Clarity website, they have released an official statement about their product and have posted links to their patent information and all of their verifying testing documents, which you may view at any time. Here is the web page:

Thank you all for your patience  on this matter. This has been a lengthy and educational process for my team and I. It is my desire to provide you with the best quality information possible so you can choose the best health products to help you reach your own personal health and longevity goals. I know so many of you have been waiting to hear the results of this testing, which is why I decided to send out some information now — even though we don’t have the full analysis back. I do not have a definitive time on when the full analysis will be completed, but I will release another statement as soon as possible!

Thank you and have the best day ever! 
David “Avocado” Wolfe

Special Note: "All material herein is provided for informational purposes only and may not be construed as personal medical advice. No action should be taken based solely on the contents of this information; instead, readers should consult appropriate health professionals on any matter relating to their health and well-being." Click here for a full disclaimer: